About Our Company

Explora Consulting

Explora Consulting is a Talent Management Company which opened in 2015 with a mission of helping companies find the best people to work with them toward common goals.  At Explora Consulting, we believe that the most important values are honesty, integrity, responsibility, and ethics and a keys to successful business.

Because of that we are trying not to be just another Talent Consulting Company but instead we believe that business relationships should be based on trust, honesty, and openness by providing great values for the customers.

Despite that the goal is the same as with any other company in the field, to find the best match for jour job opening. In the process we give you every fact  for the candidate good or bad, so we can avoided as much as possible unpleasant situations after the hiring is made. Same goes vice versa every candidate is informed upfront for what to expect from the companies that would potentially hire him/her.

We do research and analysis for each of our clients and actively approach potential candidates. We manage recruitment process, with final result adding experts to your team. We support you until a hire is made—no matter how long it takes.

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